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Marketing Strategies

Sales performance depends on marketing strength. An expert in marketing, CTG Realty always provides a sufficient budget to every sales project. 

In terms of advertising, we concentrate on paper media, the internet and social media to effectively maximize visibility of our sales projects.

Apart from advertising, we also engage in a series of sales promotions such as road shows, property briefings, investment clubs etc., and even hire professional speakers to give investment seminars, going all out to promote our sales projects.

Through years of experience, we employ different strategies for different types of real estate. It is one important factor that keeps us atop the competitions and maintain excellent sales record!



Our Record

CTG Realty spares no efforts to keep a glorious record, including the attainment of sales targets for new development projects; delivery of commitment to both developers and house buyers; the record of zero complaint in terms of marketing and all matters pertaining to legality.  

We strive to keep our sales record in order to develop CTG Realty into a star brand in the real estate industry. At the same time, we have been building such good rapport with all developers that a lot of them commission their new projects to us, or even appoint us as their ‘priority’ real estate agent / negotiator. 

How do we keep achieving our sales targets for new development projects? How do we achieve zero complaint? Let’s share our secrets and forte with you.

The outstanding success of CTG Realty is won with an extraordinary team, continuous professional training and effective marketing strategies, 3 key factors that have placed us in the leading position in the realm of real estate agent & negotiator.




Project Sale & Marketing Team

Our services cover all phases of the purchasing process from finding the right home or investment property, determining its true market value, to negotiating the best possible price, or bidding on your behalf at auction.

It's our job to save you time and effort, to eliminate stress, offer independent advice, and protect you our client throughout the whole phase of the property purchase.

We are not sellers of Real Estate.

We specialise in the purchasing of residential, investment, commercial and industrial real estate in Klang Valley




Secondary Market

Sale, rental and lease of residential, commercial and agriculture properties.

  • Property inspection 
  • Comparative market research and study
  • Selling & rental rate advisory
  • Sales and rental presentation to prospects.
  • Purchaser / tenant qualifications.
  • Property viewing preparations.
  • Terms and conditions of sale & rental negotiator.
  • Market feed back analysis.
  • Vendor / landlord progress repast.


Primary Market


Project Planning

  • Market Study
  • Type of development
  • Product Mix
  • Feasibility studies


Project Marketing Advisory

  • Marketing plan and strategies.
  • Preparation of marketing budgets & expenses.
  • Preparation of show house and sales offices.


Project Sales

  • Marketing place & implementation
  • Site / Sale office sales personal supply.
  • Sales promotion.


Post Sales Services

  • Purchasers assistance for loans & EPF.
  • Follow up on execution of SPA.
  • Follow up on collection of the balance 10% total deposit.
  • Sales reports & development feedback.


Market Research Service

  • Sales and market performance research
  • Pricing research
  • Product research.
  • Market testing.


Auction and Tender Properties

  • Marketing and promotion of auction and tender sale properties.


Real Estate Training

  • In home training
  • On the job training.