Project Sale Service

Developer Project Sale & Planning, Management


CTG Realty Sdn Bhd used to be a marketing services provider company. We provide Marketing services such as branding, product positioning, consult in pricing, marketing survey and as well as marketing on behalf of business owner. Right now, we have diversified into project planning and management services. Where provides back-end service for land owner or company who plan to be developer.

Developer Project Sale & Planning is not just to maximise the profit ultimately but to ensure the smoothness of the through outs. and our management is to reduce the risk of the project and provide the best team of professional in creating the best values.


Our Developer Project Sale & Marketing services

  • Provide marketing survey and reports before brand setting.
  • Analysis of project in Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats, method.
  • Branding the projects and positioning the products in the market.
  • Packaging the product including designing brochures, flyers, road signage, banners, Bunting, and others related marketing tools.
  • Marketing and controlling the sales team.
  • Bringing in end financier and solving customer financial needs.
  • Collaborating with solicitor and signing the S&P Agreement.
  • We provide To Banking service to the project

  • Project Sale & Marketing Team

  • We have few teams of Project Sale. Each team comprises of 5-10 personnel.
  • And each team is lead by a Project Team leader who has Professional closing skills & Professional Real Estate Knowledge.
  • Team leader responses for the Sale & Marketing daily routine, prospects follow ups, performances, and report to the management.
  • Discussion meeting is set once a week to evaluate the market.

  • Why Sumhouse ?

  • We are team of more than just selling.
  • Consulting cost control to developer.
  • Database of prospects.
  • We cover front-line job, and ease the internal marketing job.
  • Handling customers professionally.
  • Report marketing progress to developer.